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Locally Famous Tattoo 

744 Grand Ave, Suite 101 

San Marcos, CA 92078


Piercing Hours:

Tue-Thu 12-8pm | Fri-Sat 12-9pm

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About Us

Established in 2018.

Ollie the Impaler has 5 years of experience as a professional body piercer, and was trained extensively by two local legends in the tattoo and piercing industry, who both earned 35 years of combined experience as body modification professionals. Prior to their current home at Locally Famous Tattoo in San Marcos, CA, Ollie the Impaler pierced with Fatkid Tattoo, and Grand Legacy Tattoo in Escondido, CA.

Ollie the Impaler offers everything from kids earlobe piercing, to a full range of basic body piercings for the whole family, as well as advanced and intimate piercings for those 18+. We adhere to strict ethical piercing standards, and strive to ensure all our clients are treated with respect, dignity, and professionalism. 

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About Us

Appointment Scheduling

Walk-ins are always welcome during our regular hours. Appointments are available by request. Clients can call or text, and even book online using the link below.

(Coming Soon)

Piercing Consultations

Consultations are always free of charge, and clients are encouraged to come in during normal piercing hours to address questions and concerns about getting a new piercing, or any existing piercings they may have.

Some piercings require specific anatomy to be done safely and correctly, and we will never put our clients at risk by performing unsafe piercings.


Jewelry Selection

We use only the highest grade materials for our jewelry options. Clients are able to choose from a wide selection of ASTM F-138 316L Surgical Steel, and ASTM F-136 TI 6AL4V ELI Implant Grade 23 Titanium. Our vendors' metalurgical certificates are inspected annually for quality compliance.

Hygiene Standards

Ollie the Impaler maintains up to date certifications and licensing for CalOSHA - Bloodborne Pathogens, San Diego DEH - Body Art Practitioner License, and Barbicide - COVID19 Safety Certification.


Our shop utilizes the highest standards for site, equipment, and procedure hygiene, including two-stage enzymatic ultrasonic and autoclave sterilization system, to ensure our clients and practitioners are always safe and protected.  

Sterilization Techniques

Piercing Portfolio


Client Reviews

Client Reviews
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